Reiki (‘Universal Life Energy’) is a Japanese technique that uses the blessing of human touch to pass a high vibration, balancing, and purifying energy from the hands of the Reiki practitioner into the cells of the individual being treated.



By raising the level of vibration in the body, Reiki can harmoniously balance the spiritual, emotional and physical planes so that the recipient is restored to a natural state of health. It assists in decreasing stress, relieving grief, loneliness and depression and strengthening the immune system to promote healing following surgery, illness or injury.

Reiki is calming- it improves sleep and overall brings a deep sense of relaxation.


Healing sessions are held both in person and from a distance. Distance reiki is available for people, animals, land, businesses and departed souls.

Lauren also offers environmental energy cleansing. Clearing and healing your home or land can be used seasonally as part of a routine clean up, to help sell a home or to bless a new home.

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Calm your body and mind.