Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga


Prenatal Yoga


Prenatal yoga begets improved pregnancy, labor and birth outcomes. Asana and pranayama help to circulate blood and energy throughout the body which can help improve or relieve common pregnancy symptoms and conditions such as musculoskeletal pain, tension, headaches, edema, nerve compression and nausea.

Pregnancy can be an emotional time as it is a major spiritual, physical and psychological transition. Yoga can help counterbalance the negative effects from the flood of new hormones that may affect mood and overall wellbeing.


Postnatal Yoga


Growing a human is hard work and labor isn’t called vacation for a reason- it can take a toll on the body physically, spiritually and emotionally. The postpartum period is about healing and recovery from a myriad of possible injuries that often can be summed up as excess tensions somewhere and excess lack somewhere else contributing to pain and instability. Asana and breath can help relax the excess tension and stabilize the slack while stimulating cell growth and repair.

For the perfectly healthy new parent, postnatal yoga is a time for to connect with themselves during a time when the parent’s time, attention and possibly body are still focused nurturing the baby. Immediately after delivery, postpartum yoga helps decrease the chance of blood clots and increases digestion.

Some of the conditions postnatal yoga can benefit are pelvic organ prolapse, diastasis recti, pelvic floor disorder and hernias.